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Reimagining analytical processes to innovate insurance operations

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Next-gen analytics
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An innovative pricing platform to bring your various pricing models to market

A market leading price management platform, enabling insurers to integrate pricing models with speed and ease. Dramatically shortening pricing cycles, reducing loss ratios, increasing conversion ratios and enabling new approaches to price differentiation.

Enterprise Pricing Management

Strategic Balance Sheet Management

Model and dynamically restructure/shock insurance balance sheets to revolutionize forward looking analysis.

A new approach to forward looking analysis of insurers. Quickly model your balance sheet, shocking it with your ESG and interrogate the results under SII, IFRS17, Local GAAP and more. At this point reconfigure/restructure the balance sheet to optimize capital allocation.

Balance Sheet Management

Speed to Market

Take new pricing & products to market quickly

Dynamic Actuarial Analysis

Integrated Data Management refocusing attention to Actuarial Analysis

Simplified Integration

New approach to API design enabling flexibility and speed

Customer Success

Holistic approach to technology delivering incorporating dedicated customer success and advisory

Enhanced Solutions & Expert Support

Empowering Project Delivery

MavenBlue is the union of industry leading actuarial talent alongside policy admin expertise. Together we’ve delivered industry leading/robust software for Pricing and Balance Sheet Management. In addition, seasoned consultants work in unison with customers to deliver successful implementations. Reach out and we’ll listen to your challenges with great interest.

To us Balance sheet management is a twofold operation

"To us balance sheet management is a twofold operation, optimising capital resources while managing risks. We are looking to properly estimate and quantify the risks our balance sheet is exposed to and determine ways to manage these risks. Evaluating risks frequently. Simultaneously, its critical for long term sustainability to use capital resources efficiently and effectively. Free capital generation is essential to meet these goals, and strategic asset allocation is critical to any ALM study and as such for balance sheet management. Additionally, strategic moves such as reinsurances, divestments, and acquisitions such as pension buyouts are an important part of strategic balance sheet management."
Henk Appelo
Head of Balance Sheet Management, Lifetri

Innovation through Customer Intimacy

"MavenBlue really engages in the use of EPM. Enabling us to make it a success. In addition we are constantly engaged to expand and improve the capabilities of the EPM Platform."
Bernard van den Berg
Senior Actuary, Bovemij