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How MavenBlue empowers Lifetri

The key challenge for insurers with longer dated durations is deploying capital both efficiently and effectively. Optimizing capital generation while minimizing risks.

Unlocking Insights with Strategic Balance Sheet Management

The Balance Sheet Management (BSM) platform enables insurers to quickly reconfigure a balance sheet i.e. reinsurance, divestment, ALM, acquisitions and easily project the impact using changing economic assumptions. Enabling insurers to identify and re-allocate optimum capital allocation strategies


Understanding the impact of executive decisions and changing economic circumstances on an insurers balance sheet.

Our solution

BSM enables insurers to accurately estimate the impact of changes to the balance sheet or economic scenario’s in minutes.


Provided data is in place BSM can be operational within 48 hours.


Insurers can dynamically manage their capital position maximizing their free capital generation while having a more up to date view of risk.
Lifetri - A Sixth Street company, is a pension insurer from the Netherlands with around €2bln in assets under management.
  • Following a request for an ALM study Lifetri chose MavenBlue to run their balance sheet calculations optimizing their free capital generation and help improve their overall competitive position.

From ALM Study to Dynamic insight into Balance Sheet Managament

“In 2021, A provider for an ALM study was needed. MavenBlue scored the best on the selection criteria, excelling on many areas including significant additional value to competitors, at comparable costs and the flexibility for parameter setting with ESG sets. “

Henk Appelo – Head of Balance Sheet Management, Lifetri

Managing long term liability in an uncertain world

Looking to the Future we see increasing volatility on both sides of the balance sheet. BSM enables insurers to proactively identify these changing conditions and position themselves robustly. Both in the interest of the insured and the company.

To us Balance sheet management is a twofold operation

"To us balance sheet management is a twofold operation, optimising capital resources while managing risks. We are looking to properly estimate and quantify the risks our balance sheet is exposed to and determine ways to manage these risks. Evaluating risks frequently. Simultaneously, its critical for long term sustainability to use capital resources efficiently and effectively. Free capital generation is essential to meet these goals, and strategic asset allocation is critical to any ALM study and as such for balance sheet management. Additionally, strategic moves such as reinsurances, divestments, and acquisitions such as pension buyouts are an important part of strategic balance sheet management."
Henk Appelo
Head of Balance Sheet Management, Lifetri

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We developed standardized approaches for several studies that can be performed with our software cloud solutions. These approaches can be offered to you as supplementary services.
Next to this our specialists are available for temporary projects in risk management, pricing, the actuarial field and IT.