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We've standardized study approaches for our cloud software, offered as supplementary services. Our specialists also handle temporary projects in risk management, pricing, actuarial work, and IT.


ALM Study

Built around MavenBlue’s Balance Sheet Management platform, we’re able to reimagine ALM studies. Placing the ALM study results in a flexible environment that enables the user to change and compare different balance sheet configurations and economic assumption sets.

The study can be performed in weeks and we will perform the following steps:
  • Kick-off meeting and plan of action
  • Data collection and populate BSM
  • Define and configure the base strategy
  • Calibrate the base scenario (market and non-market risks)
  • Define alternative strategies
  • Analyze results
  • Submit report

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ORSA & Rescue Plan

An ORSA can be a messy process. With different departments submitting Excels with their own results. Which in turn get aggregated into an even more complex excel. MavenBlue is able to use it’s BSM platform to bring this together, visualizing the data and delivering in a structured/governed environment.

In addition insurance companies and pension funds can fall into crisis levels of solvency ratio’s requiring a rescue plan. MavenBlue is able to perform the necessary analysis identifying alternative strategies for the management of the balance sheet. This analysis can be performed within the BSM platform which in turn will report consistently and securely to your stakeholders where necessary.

assess the total balance sheet

Mergers & Acquisitions

Portfolio acquisitions and divestments happen frequently in the insurance & pensions sector. Knowing the impact of such corporate actions is critical. The assessment of impact is required for both regulatory requirements but also to value the incoming and outgoing portfolio.

MavenBlue is able to perform a one analysis studying both portfolios and populating these into the BSM platform. This enables the user to visualize the relative impact on their key performance indicators and inform the board is a clear and transparent manner.


Tariff Scan and Delivery

Pricing is a critical process for insurers. For obvious reasons it has a significant bearing on profitability and underwriting success. The Tariff Scan of MavenBlue is a limited engagement, perfect for experiencing the team and the technology.

The goal is to identify the business objectives and strategy of the insurer and study the performance of its pricing strategy. MavenBlue’s engagement framework focuses on the following areas;
  • Improving the Accuracy of Risk Models
  • Improving the Performance of the Commercial Pricing Strategy
  • Automation of integration of Pricing Models into core systems and distribution channels
At the end of the process, we will have provided tangible steps the insurer can take to improve the performance of their pricing models and with our Pricing technology lay a path of actions that will improve the performance of an insurers pricing models going forward.

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