Advanced Valuation Management

Advanced Valuation Management (AVM) is a specially developed solution for insurers to quickly an easily value the asset portfolio. While particularly effective at valuing mortgage portfolios, AVM is able to value all kinds of assets including complex derivatives, bonds, equities, real estate and alternative investment portfolios.

Advanced Valuation Management for Capital Management.

MavenBlue’s AVM Platform

MavenBlue’s AVM platform empowers capital management professionals to monitor, value and report on their assets. The system is able to feed data to MavenBlue’s Balance Sheet Management platform enabling the insurer to quickly and accurately assess their balance sheet. The process can be automated and is in compliance with capital reporting requirements. 


Calculate hundreds of thousands of credit spread and interest rate scenarios in minutes. Enabling the user to estimate economic capital and contribution the VaR for Risk and Capital Management purposes.

Audit Proof

Full traceability of all reported figures and analyses. Validation of asset and liability data, calibration, valuation and performance reporting.


Teams can access and analyze the asset portfolio centrally through a single cloud interface. Teams access all data through their web browser. Harmonizing data, modelling and reporting.

Automating Asset & Liability Valuation Management


Delivering Insight Through Speed and Simplicity

State of the art Platform
  • Robust, single cloud based interface
  • Powered by graphical processing units delivering speed of calculation.
Reporting Layers
  • Report on different layers of your asset portfolio i.e. individual funds or aggregated levels
  • Reporting on P&L, Cash Flows, etc.
Analysis of Change
  • Run different settings for asset portfolios, economic assumptions, and more to enable Analysis of Change analytics.


MavenBlue provides a range of services to meet individual client requirements

Tailor-made functionalities

Add tailor-made functionalities to adapt the AVM Platform to your own risk management framework. Your custom requests are implemented with the same quality and care as the standard functionality, and are fully documented and system tested before delivery to your acceptance test environment.


The AVM Platform can interface with your current systems in different degrees of robustness. You can connect to the standard interfaces provided by the AVM Platform or we can develop a specific interface for your databases or systems.


Training sessions will be organized using practical examples related to your business. MavenBlue will ensure that you will be able to use all of AVM Platform functionalities and its many applications most effectively. Within the AVM Platform, online explanation and instruction is at your disposal.

Performant & Powerful

The annual full-license fee gives access to all the AVM Solution's features and all software updates for a one year period. Choose a cloud, a private cloud or an on-premise implementation. License fees vary based on your implementation choice.

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