Enterprise Pricing Management

In today’s world Pricing Professionals in Insurance have a wide range of choices to build both risk and commercial models. Managing those models can be challenging. Especially when integrating those models into core systems. MavenBlue offers a management layer to easily and directly integrate pricing models into core systems while simultaneously enabling real time monitoring and recalibration.

Enabling Integration & Real Time Monitoring for Pricing Models

MavenBlue’s EPM Platform

MavenBlue’s Enterprise Pricing Management platform (EPM) is designed with pricing teams in mind. Specifically at the intersection of where a pricing model needs to be used in a commercial setting. Integrating pricing models with speed and simplicity into a variety of core systems. Enabling insurers to safe time & cost, while enabling insurers to build more accurate pricing models.

Ease of Integration

MavenBlue has built a proprietary methodology to convert pricing models such as GLMs, GBMs, GAMs, Random Forrest Tree models and more into compile-able code. Enabling EPM to deliver a small executable which can calculate a tariff from within/close-to core systems themselves. Currently integrated with Keylane and Salesforce policy admin.

Speed of Execution

When integrated, pricing models can be altered/updated in minutes. Combined with an active monitoring approach insurer can enabling an agile pricing approach to deliver a new dimension to underwriting performance.

Management, Governance & Transparency

Pricing can be coordinated from EPM to many distribution points. Users access a central cloud based solution. Enabling centralized price execution and management delivering governance and transparency.

A Next Generation Approach to Price Management

Take ultimate control of your pricing process

End-to End Price Management

Transforming Insurance Pricing

Explore Portfolio Data
  • Select subsets of the portfolio on all risk drivers and tariff factors
  • Filter large and small claims
  • Filter coverages
  • Present the portfolio data in a geographical way
  • Present trends over time
  • Define and show behavioral metrics like multi claimers
  • Get insight in the claim distribution
Monitor Commercial Tariffs
  • Monitor performance of commercial tariffs compared to e.g. most recent cost price
  • Compare tariff’s key performance indicators with the expectations or budget
  • Automatically find spots for improvement based on price sensitivities or updated cost price models
Interrogate KPIs
  • Number of policies
  • Premium volume
  • Claim amounts and frequencies
  • Profit
  • Growth
  • Expected and realised
Analyze competitors
  • Analysis of competitors’ tariffs based on machine learning
  • Automatic optimization of the tariff by using Modern Portfolio Theory
  • Individual price optimization taking competition or outflow probabilities into account
Enhance Models
  • Model Library to keep track of all models
  • Define models for risks (claims) and costs
  • Define models for inflow (conversion) and outflow (lapse)
  • Define other models, for example customer lifetime value models, upsell models, competitors, etc.
  • Use the automatic machine learning algorithms to automatically improve your models based on new data
  • Compare models with each other based on many different statistics
Build management reports
  • Periodic reports containing key performance indicators of your portfolio and tariffs
  • Low level reporting for specialists
Portfolio Projections
  • Define scenarios by selecting models for risk, costs, commercial prices, inflow and outflow
  • Project scenarios and compare them based on key performance indicators and more detailed information
  • Parametric or model based ageing of specific risk and tariff factors
Real-Time Rate Execution
  • Real-time pricing engine functionalities
  • Model and rule based real-time price setting
  • No more differences between analytical and production environment
Full Governance and data security
  • Audit trail in all key processes to support your regulatory demands
  • Digital sign-offs of models and tariffs
  • Secured database and dataflows
  • Compliance with IT requirements


MavenBlue provides a range of services to meet individual client requirements

Tailor-made functionalities

Add tailor-made functionalities to adapt the EPM Solution to your own pricing framework and way of working. Reuse your already designed R and Python models by embedding them in EPM’s AI Model Engine. Your custom requests are implemented with the same quality and care as the standard functionality, and are fully documented and system tested before delivery to your acceptance test environment.


The EPM Solution can interface with your current systems in different degrees of robustness, but preferably it has an interface with your administrations for policies and claims. You can connect to the standard interfaces provided by the EPM Solution or we can develop a specific interface for your databases or systems.


Some last steps need to be taken care of in order to make the solution ready for your analyses. Configure your current models and product structure and import your policy and claims data. Then the EPM Solution is ready to go.


Training sessions will be organised using practical examples related to your business. MavenBlue will ensure that you will be able to use all of EPM Solution’s functionalities and its many applications most effectively. Within the EPM Solution, online explanation and instruction is at your disposal.


The annual modular license fee gives access to the EPM Solution features and all software updates for a one year period. Select the modules you need and choose a cloud, a private cloud or an on-premise implementation. License fees vary based on your implementation choice, premium volume and selected modules.

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